Tue, 18 May 2021

Mediatonic accidentally uploaded Fall Guys' source files on Steam

Mediatonic accidentally uploaded Fall Guys' source files on Steam

With the recent Fall Guys update on Steam a bunch of files were included in the folder called "BackUpThisFolder_ButDontShipItWithYourGame." The folder which is auto-generated by the Unity Engine, which included a bunch of source files which were removed a day later. But this potential breach of data is bad news for developers as their efforts on minimizing the cheaters in Fall Guys affects a lot by this.

These files were first found by the SteamDB co-founder Pavel Djundik, who posted about it on his official Twitter handle.

"BackUpThisFolder_ButDontShipItWithYourGame" folder was included with the update at 9:33am on 13th May and then later removed at 2pm on 14th May, that is more than enough time on the internet to make its way around.

When observed these files seem from the IL2CPP, a scripting backend that can be used within Unity Engine, which helps convert the source to C++ when assembling the project. PDB debug files, logs, some C++ code and managed DDL's were also found in those files.

If the folder did include some form of source code with it and with the data still out there despite the removal from Steam, then it could give a hard time to developers as cheaters can study that code, reverse engineer it and find ways to go around the anti-cheat by making the system think the hack is one of the files included with the game itself and ruin the game for the fair players. That's like a bunch of ifs and not's though we all hope its a harmless mistake from their end and no damage is done to the game from this.

Recently a bunch of mistakes are going on around Steam, as previously Rockstar accidentally deleted a bunch of their games from Steam's Library and then Midnight Club 2 was spotted on sale while Rockstar were storing the files.

Fall Guys: The Ultimate Knockout is a multiplayer battle royale game, which was released for PCs and PlayStation 4 on 4th August 2020. Within 24 hours of release, the game had an active player base of over 1.5 million players and sold over 2 million copies on Steam. By August 26th, 2020, Fall Guys had sold over 7 million copies on Steam, also becoming the most downloaded monthly PlayStation Plus game of all time.

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