Fri, 11 Jun 2021

List of Games confirmed for Nintendo Switch for the E3 2021 event

nitendo switch

After the cancellation of E3 back in 2020, the video game industry's one of the biggest event of the year is back, and it's less than a week away. Kicking off on June 12th, E3 2021 also brings some exciting showcases and a batch of new titles for the porable platform "Nintendo Switch." On June 15, Nintendo will be directly presenting, and it'll be worth watching as Nintendo will be announcing a few first-party games that will be coming out by the year-end. There are a few events in E3 that are surely filled with Nintendo Switch titles. The Guerilla Collective Showcase event, that will be taking place on June 5 and June 12 are two of them.

While on 14th of June, Capcom will be hosting their own showcase, details for which are yet to be announced. Though since the studio is said to have a close relationship with Nintendo, it is most likely that a few titles for the Nintendo Switch will be announced here too.

Though the most important of these will be the main event by Nintendo on 15th of June (Last day of E3) that's when Nintendo will be having a direct showcase, and possibly the "Nintendo Switch Pro" which was rumored to be launched before E3, could be announced here.

All Nintendo Switch Games Confirmed For E3 2021

- Archvale

- Batora: Lost Haven

- Bear and Breakfast

- Beasts of Maravilla Island

- Black Book

- Blooming Business: Casino

- Death Trash

- Endling

- Fire Ronight

- Kung Fu Kickball

- Lamentum

- Onsen Master

- Serial Cleaners

- The Legend of Tiandig

- The Lightbringer

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