Tue, 20 Apr 2021

LAN Sweet LAN Masters event to be hosted by Relog Media in 2022

LAN Sweet LAN Masters event to be hosted by Relog Media in 2022

The LAN Sweet LAN event is said to be started from Februrary 2022, the event is still very far from now, but it will be having a prize pool worth $250,000 and will be featuring 16 best teams from around the world.

Relog Media will invite 4 teams with a direct invite to the event, while the other 12 teams will go through a qualifying process to win a slot for the LAN Sweet LAN Tournament series. FunPlus Phoenix, HAVU and Mousesports are few of those teams that managed to earn the slot for themselves by going through the Snow Sweet Snow series, leaving nine more team slots for open qualifiers.

Relog Media will be hosting this event, which will be their very first International LAN tournament which will be held in Belgrade, Serbia at the Hotel Jugoslavija and their own headquarters. This company has handled several tournaments over the last few years while they are also in the middle of their first event in their Spring Sweet Spring series.

The other events being Snow Sweet Snow, Spring Sweet Spring, Sun Sweet Sun and Fall Sweet Fall event each of these will be running in three parts and will be sending three more teams to the LAN Sweet LAN Masters event. Each of these events will have a distinguished prize pool of $100,000 which adds up the LAN Sweet LAN Tournament series prize pool up to $1.15 million counting each and every event included.

The tournament series was previously called 'Home Sweet Home' since 2020 but now has been renamed to 'LAN Sweet LAN' according to the source - HLTV

Spring Sweet Spring is one of those events that is undergoing while the winner of this event will be taking home with him a sweet $40,000 prize pool along with the fourth invite to the LAN Sweet LAN Masters event.