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'Esports Ecosystem in India needs an academic touch,' says Resilience Esports CEO Dhiman Kashyap

resilience esports

Resilience Esports is an Indian esports organization that acts as a bridge between content creators and brands. Content creators, apart from providing entertainment, can promote various brands, and in turn, those brands can offer monetary as well as non-monetary benefits. We sat down with Dhiman Kashyap, CEO of Resilience Esports to understand more about his organization, and thoughts on the Indian esports ecosystem.

From L-R: Dhiman Kashyap (CEO), Navarun Gogoi (CTO), and Ankita Kanungoe (CFO).

Tell us about Resilience. Who are the founders, what encouraged you to establish this organization?

Resilience is an organization that started from the greeneries and ideas of the North-East part of India, Assam. We are three friends from the past 20 years running this beautiful idea. Navarun Gogoi is the CTO and Ankita Kanungoe looks over as the CFO, myself being the CEO.
We were always passionate as well as stubborn, hence the name Resilience. We always wanted to do something in the esports phase since we loved playing games and after a hectic day at work, it was something we could connect on and talk to each other as well as recreate ourselves. But, this started to generate a lot of ideas in the esports eco-space which we wanted to tap into and probably be known to the people more. Thus, we made a plan and little by little made ourselves available for the people and made it market-ready.

How many brands are you currently affiliated with?

As of now, we are working with more than 25 brands nationally and internationally, some of our integral and important partners being, Lenovo, Razer, Powder, BOLT, Codashop, Bluehost, Govee and we have lots of announcements and brand/affiliates releases coming this month for the content creators and esports athletes out there. This helps us in giving them a lot of opportunities to grow themselves and also explore the content creation field on their own since our main motto is to give freedom of work to all the Content Creators. 

Of the 200+ content creators working with Resilience Esports, how many are women? What would you do to encourage more women into esports?

There are a lot of women content creators amongst those 200+ creators or streamers we have. Along with us and Ankita specifically, we have planned a lot for the women empowerment phase since we are already in talks with many campaigns which include female highlighted agendas and also social agendas that can be propagated through a mass or an audience. As for women entering the esports eco-space, it is already a good inventory for them since a lot of women content creators and esports athletes are doing good. Gaming or content creation is a passion, and to build up that passion we are doing everything we can which includes talking to parents/guardians on a daily basis to showcase the benefits of esports and how a good natural career can be generated out of it, etc. For women specifically, we are trying a lot of campaigns that involve them and constitute brand composition as such. Belonging from the Northeast, we have been part of women empowered society since childhood and this helps us, even more, to do something for the women and girls around us.

What, according to you, is hampering the growth of esports in the country? What should change?

The first and most important thing as of now is that the Esports Ecosystem in India needs an academic touch. When people know the real essence of Esports by educating themselves, it will automatically become one of the fastest-growing industries in India, even more than now. Secondly, the plan. Lots of esports Organisations are still figuring out business models after they are past their R&D phase and into the market. For organizations to survive in the Indian market, they have to have a proper business model and this involves proper research and then investing time and resources. Thirdly, the attitude towards esports in certain scenarios shows that Esports is being showcased as an addictive genre of sports, which is not the case. Esports includes taking care of your own body as well. Having sharp reflexes and cognitive memories are just as imperative as having a good diet, exercising, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. So, to change all these things we need time, proper guidance, and also contributions from leaders in the community. Community leaders can set examples and let the people know of the pros and cons of every action they pursue in esports. So yes, there are lots of things that we can do, including the ones above being some of them. Also, to be honest, here, we are doing as much as we can to develop a healthy esports environment for all.

What are your long-term goals regarding esports in India?

Well, on a funny note we are here to stay, unless pushed out we won't be leaving anywhere. As of now Resilience Esports is doing India's Largest Content Creators Program and has access to more than 200 + Million audience and Esports enthusiasts in India. Along with that, we have some of the best Content Creators and streamers out there working with many brands. Our long-term goals include multiplying these figures two-fold and three-fold and also include partners to streamline our growth in certain projected ways. We have lots of things to announce and also projects coming up for the Indian Esports Ecosystem so that we can tap into the advertising and publishing spaces of the Esports industry. Along with that, our other divisions are working towards creating opportunities for people and Esports enthusiasts in different verticals with a lot of technical aspects in them. In the coming months, you will see us releasing new details which will be beneficial for the Indian audience as well as for the global audience too.

Some inspirational words/advice from your side to those trying to get into the esports industry?

For all those who want to enter the Esports industry, sometimes, it is good to do things that you love. If you love something, go for it. Since this needs a plan, before taking the leap of faith it's better to have a roadmap prepared and some right set of people around. Ideas are generated in kilograms, but their implementation is hard. It takes time, but stay focused. Also, humour is necessary for life. Whatever the situation, try to enjoy it and it will be something that eventually people will love. Lastly, remember that you should never give up. It's easy to give up when things don't turn out your way and go for an already established version of work. But believe me, not giving up helps. The land on the other side of the sea is always overwhelming.

Last month, Resilience Esports announced their partnership with OTT platform BOLT Global. BOLT Global is now the streaming and broadcasting partner for all the content creators and esports athletes affiliated with Resilience Esports.

You can learn more about the organization and their content creation program on social media handles- InstagramFacebookYouTubeDiscord.

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