Mon, 12 Apr 2021

Heroic defeats Gambit Esports in ESL Pro League 13 grand finals

Heroic defeats Gambit Esports in ESL Pro League 13 grand finals

Heroic  marked an historic defeat on Gambit Esports in the ESL Pro League 13 Grand Finale, where they went onto playing all the five maps of the nail-biting Best of Five where Casper 'cadiaN' Moller came out on top and pushing his team across the finish line with a fabulous performance.

The historic best of five went onto for about eight hours. The first match kicked off on Heroic's pick - Inferno, though Gambit Esports had control during the first half of the map. The young CIS Squad took them down in the CT-Side from 11-4 to 15-15 it was a nail biter indeed with clutches happening back and forth. Heroic found their rhythm and went on to winning their map pick being Inferno in the first overtime, with the first match being a super close we knew it was going to be one of the best grand finales since a long while.

Though Heroic crushed Gambit in the first map after a great comeback from 11-4. Gambit climed their way back after crushing Heoric on Vertigo with a score of 15-3, a quick victory to tie up the series at 1-1.

Going onto the third map being Train, that game turned into a long battle where both of these teams were showing up their best performances so far where they went onto 30 rounds and ended up with overtime where Heroic eventually ended up on the top with the final score being 28-26, Heroic  reached the match point and the fourth map of this amazing best of five was Overpass.

Moving onto Overpass, After a long back and forth in the early rounds Gambit managed to get ahead of Heroic while, Valdislav 'nafany' Gorshkov took over the server and led his team to a seven round win streak and went onto winning the fourth map 16-10 once again tieing up the scores to 2-2 beautiful performance was showed by both the teams so far with Cadian coming on top along with Nafany.

Going on to the fifth and final map of this amazing best of five grand finale of ESL Pro League 13, the players were already in a six hours deep match being fully invested in it. Gambit slowed down a little, they let the game slip out of their hands as they managed to get only two rounds in the first half (13-2) on Mirage. As Gambit struggled on the T- Side the CT-Side was stolen from them as CadiaN went onto becoming a beast clutching an eco round with just P250 and A Decoy winning the tournament and making the play of his career with a knife and 3K to clutch an impossible 1v4 to win the Grand Finale of the ESL Pro League 13.

Heroic will be seen playing in the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021 just a few days from now.