Tue, 6 Apr 2021

Here's what you can expect from Free Fire's upcoming OB27 update

Garena is likely to release the OB27 update for Free Fire soon and give players new content to dive into. With the launch of the Advance Server, players are already experiencing new features that will be added to the game. The Advanced Server is live for a week from April 1 - April 8. Players can report bugs and test the server in this period.

Players can get in the Advance Server by logging in through their Facebook accounts. Note that once the OB27 update is released, all progress made on the Advance Server will be lost.

What to expect from the upcoming OB27 update?

Garena teased three new characters in the Advanced Server which may be added to the game. Awakened Andrew with an ability to reduce armor damage, Xayne who has increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields and is also able to receive 100 HP temporarily, and a mystery character who increases damage with distance.

Players are also expecting Misha to get buffed. Misha may get a 20% increase in speed when driving vehicles and a 30% reduction in damage at the maximum level. Garena is also likely to nerf Chrono, the character inspired by Christiano Ronaldo. Chrono's speed is likely to get reduced from 30% to 15%, shield duration might be increased by 1 second and cooldown will be of 170 seconds. 

Free Fire OB27 update release date

Free Fire OB27 update is likely to go live next week on April 13 after Garena fixes all the bugs that are reported in the Advanced Server.