Sat, 22 May 2021

Halo 3's Latest Map "Edge" is now Live for Testers 


Halo 3's latest map called "Edge" has now officially been added to the Master Chief Collection, though its currently only in the beta phase. Edge is the second new map added to this game after "Waterfall" which was added last month being the first new map for Halo 3 in a span of 12 years.

The Developers for Halo series "343 Industries" posted on Twitter announcing that the members of the "Halo Insider Program" would be able to get a preview of the Season 7 before it goes life with an opportunity to try out the new map "Edge" along with the new map, a few tweaks, a visual update to Halo: Combat Evolved is also there to look out for.

Though reports say that "Waterfall" and "Edge" both aren't brand-new maps, they are actually reworked version of the old maps that once appears in "Halo: Online", since the title was only available in Russia these aren't popular enough.

The decision by "343 Industries" to bring out new content and to get these maps with the Master Chief Collection was to bring back the old players and while doing so they also promised new content and maps for the community to look forward to.

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