Mon, 31 May 2021

Grand Finals Sunday: 4 different grand finals make for an eventful day for CS:GO fans 

Valve still hasn't fixed the wallhack exploit that came with the last CS:GO patch

It was an eventful Sunday for CS:GO fans as they were treated to 4 different grand finals- CS_Summit 8 (NA), Flashpoint 3 (EU), CIS 2021 (CIS), and the EPIC League Oceania 2021. Teams competed against each other to obtain the maximum RMR (Regional Major Ranking) points to qualify for the upcoming Major. 

4 teams- Team Liquid (NA), Gambit Esports (CIS), Mousesports (EU), and Renegades (Oceania) took home the winning amount of the respective tournament along with 1600 RMR points.

Team Liquid win CS_Summit 8

Team Liquid beat Furia 3-1 in a BO5 grand final of CS_Summit 8. After winning the first two maps (Overpass 16-7, Nuke 16-11), Team Liquid was sitting comfortably at 14-9 on Inferno and was about to close out the game but Furia had other plans. With a sudden change in gears, the Brazilian powerhouse pulled off a comeback to win Inferno 16-14. But they could not carry the momentum forward and lost Mirage 5-16 to give Liquid a 3-1 win in the grand finals. Keith 'NAF' Markovic ended up with a 1.27 rating and 80 frags in 4 maps. Team Liquid won 1600 RMR points and $17,000 from the $50,000 prize pool. Furia on the other hand won 1500 RMR points and $10,000. 

Gambit Esports beat VP to win CIS 2021

The CIS 2021 grand final was also a BO5 affair where Gambit Esports beat Virtus Pro 3-1 on the back of Hobbit and Sh1ro's fragging. VP won the opening map Train with a 16-9 score, but that was all for them. Gambit Esports powered through with the next 3 maps ( Dust2 16-7, Vertigo 16-14, Overpass 16-7) to win 1600 RMR points and $15,000. Abay 'Hobbit' Khasenov stood out with a 1.45 rating and 93 frags to his name.

Mousesports deny NIP

Flashpoint 3 grand final was played in a BO3 format. Both NIP and Mousesports won their respective map picks (NIP- Overpass 16-13 and Mouseesports- Nuke 16-6). Inferno was the decider where Mousesports put up a solid performance to topple the Ninja's by a 16-9 scoreline. Even though Robin 'Ropz' Kool led with 61 frags, it was David 'Frozen' Čerňanský who stood out with a 1.39 rating. Mouseesports won 1600 RMR points and $17,000. 

Overtime wins for Renegades

Renegades beat Order 2-0 in the Epic League Oceania 2021 grand final. Both maps Inferno and Dust2 went into overtime and Renegades came out on top on both occasions to win Inferno 19-16 and Dust2 19-17. Renegades won 1600 RMR points and $5000. Three players from Renegades had more than 50 frags: Joshua 'INS' Potter- 53 frags and a 1.20 rating, Liam 'Malta' Schembri- 54 frags and a 1.18 rating, and Alistair 'aliStair' Johnston- 54 frags and a 1.17 rating.

All these teams are collecting RMR points for the upcoming Stockholm Major. The top 24 teams from six different regions (11 from EU, 5 each from CIS and NA, and 1 each from Oceania, Asia, and South America) will be invited to the major based on their Regional Major Ranking. 

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