Wed, 26 May 2021

Fortnite: Loki and Thor silhouettes spotted in the latest Fortnite crew loading screen 


Two more characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be making their way into Fortnite. Earlier today, Epic Games rolled out update v16.50 which brought some notable changes to the game. But there was something else that caught the eyes of several keen-eyed gamers and data leaker.

In the background of the new Fortnite crew loading screen, leakers spotted silhouettes of Loki and Thor, two of the most iconic characters from the MCU. These images were shared on Twitter by HYPEX, a well-known Fortnite leaker. The loading screen is a part of the Fortnite Crew rewards for this month. Players who have subscribed to Fortnite Crew have been receiving one loading screen each week.

From the images, Loki's silhouette is clearly recognizable with his crown and scepter. We already know several MCU characters like Black Panther and Wolverine that are a part of the Fortnite universe and it looks like Loki will be joining them soon. There already is a Thor playable skin in the game but Epic might release a new one with a changed look. There isn't a specified date for the release of these two characters but Loki and Thor are likely to arrive in the game with the next season. 

Update v16.50

The latest update has brought changes like larger team support, increased channels, gameplay fixes, UI fixes, and island fixes. With this update, Epic has also made changes to the Conditional Button to allow it to handle multiple items and custom stack sizes. 

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