Wed, 19 May 2021Console Gaming

Nintendo Switch Online will be getting SNES and NES Games on May 26th

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Nintendo is on its way to add more SNES and NES Games to their Nintendo Switch Online library on 26th of May. Four SNES Games and One NES Title will be hitting the online service next week, that hits the century for the amount of games across both the libraries.

The SNES titles includes "Super Baseball Simulator", "Joe & Mac", "Magical Drop 2" and "Spanky's Quest" while the sole NES title is "Ninja JaJaMaru-Kun" the trailer for them is mentioned below.

Japanese community has slight different plans as they're coming up with a different lineup for games. The Japanese service is adding "Fire Emblem" Genealogy of the Holy War Series" as a part of their next game update. Though similar to the previous Fire Emblem titles, this one wasn't officially localized which is the reason why it's not available in other regions.

The SNES and NES Game library are included as a part of "Nintendo Switch Online Service." For which the individual subscription costs $4 a month, $8 for three months and $20 for yearly subscription. Nintendo also offers an annual family plan that costs around $35 that also covers up to 8 different Nintendo Accounts.

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