Tue, 3 Nov 2020Console Gaming

Epic reveals 'Ghost Rider' skin for Fortnite

Epic reveals 'Ghost Rider' skin for Fortnite

After a brief teaser, Epic Games has finally announced that a new Ghost Rider Skin will be coming to the game as a part of the Marvel Knockout Super Series. Epic has also announced the Ghost Rider Cup in Fortnite, which lets players compete and win the Ghost Rider Skin.

Epic has introduced many Marvel characters into Fortnite since Season 4 like Blade, Daredevil and Silver Surfer—and that's not including the battle pass, which features several of Marvel's biggest names.

Ghost Rider Cup

The Ghost Rider Cup will be played through the Marvel Knockout trios mode. Marvel Knockout is a four-round brawl, with both teams getting a mirrored set of superpowers to battle with. Teams will fight to be the best team in their bracket. The winning teams will get the Ghost Rider skin. Epic has official rules here.

Players must also be account level 30 and have two-factor authentication set up in order to participate. The Ghost Rider Cup starts on November 4 and will be live until the end of that day itself. This means players only have a single day to compete and win the skin.

Epic has also announced two duos Marvel Hero/Villain Cups: One on November 11 and the other on November 18 which will be followed by a $1 million duos cup on November 21.