Thu, 27 May 2021

Complete Call Of Duty Mobile Season 4 seasonal challenges to get your hands on unique rewards 

codm season 4

Activision released Season 4: Spurned and Burned in Call of Duty: Mobile today and apart from the new multiplayer map, new weapons, and tons of battle pass rewards, Activision is also adding seasonal challenges to the game. Two seasonal challenges Under Pressure and BR Mastermind are already live and they come with a unique set of rewards.

Under Pressure is a six-part seasonal challenge that takes players into the MP mode where they are required to complete different tasks. Players can use a variety of different perks, scorestreaks, and tactics to overcome this challenge. Rewards for completing this challenge include 17,000 Battle Pass XP, (Uncommon) Pharo- Carrion, (Rare) Avatar- Sickle, (Rare) NA-45- Iron Hunter, and New Tactical- Heartbeat Sensor. The Heartbeat Sensor allows players to track enemies through walls based on their movement.

BR Mastermind, on the other hand, is a seven-part Seasonal Challenge. Players will find themselves in the BR mode. It features tasks like eliminate enemies in certain areas of the map like Diner, use epic weapons, snag airdrops, enter the top 8 multiple times, and more. There are varied rewards for completing this challenge but the main rewards are 20,000 Battle XP, (Uncommon) Defender- Carrion, (Uncommon) Man-O-War- Carrion(. Rare) ATV- Iron Hunter(Rare) Russian Merc- Iron Hunter.

Grab a new scorestreak, two new weapons with the Season 4 battle pass

Activision has introduced a new scorestreak called Hawk X3, a manually controlled drone equipped with a machine gun with unlimited ammo. Hawk X3 can be obtained at tier 14 of the free battle pass. Additionally, two new weapons the Holger 26 LMG, and the MK2 Marksman Rifle are also up for grabs. The Holger 26 will be available later in the season through an event, whereas the MK2 can be obtained at tier 21 of the free battle pass. Here's a list of all the free and premium season 4 battle pass rewards.

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