Mon, 19 Apr 2021

Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 3: New map, weapons, battle pass rewards, and more

Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 3: New map, weapons, battle pass rewards, and more

Curtains dropped on Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 on April 16 and it paved way for the launch of Season 3. Publisher Activision launched Season 3 'Tokyo Escape' in Call of Duty: Mobile with tons of new content. Tokyo Escape has brought new multiplayer maps, new operators, two new weapons, new game modes, and a new battle pass with tons of rewards.

CODM S3 new maps and weapons

Two new weapons- The PP19 Bizon SMG and Renetti pistol and two new multiplayer maps- Coastal and Oasis are coming to CODM with season 3. Oasis is available to play and Coastal will be added later this month. The weapons are available at different levels of the battle pass.

CODM S3 battle pass rewards

Tokyo Escape battle pass is available in two variants- Free and Premium. Different rewards are available at different tiers of the battle pass. The free battle pass includes the Skill Bull Charge operator at tier 14 and the PP19 Bizon at tier 21.

Free Battle Pass

  • Scout – Paper Fan (tier 1)

  • Pharo – Severed (tier 4)

  • New Operator Skill Bull Charge (tier 14)

  • Defender – Paper Fan (tier 17)

  • New Weapon PP19 Bizon (tier 21)

  • RPD – Severed (tier 31)

  • Samurai Tuna Charm (tier 38)

  • NA-45 – Severed (tier 41)

  • Samurai Chop Calling Card (tier 46)

  • M16 – Severed (tier 50)

Premium Pass

  • Hidora Kai – The Boss (tier 1)

  • Type 25 – Oni (tier 1)

  • Showdown Calling Card (tier 1)

  • RUS-79U – Karuta (tier 10)

  • Way of the Sword Emote (tier 15)

  • AK117 – Card Armor (tier 25)

  • Takeo – Sensei (tier 30)

  • ASM10 – Scabbard (tier 35)

  • QXR – Scorching Sun (tier 40)

  • PP19 Bizon – Yokai (tier 50)

  • The Boss Avatar (tier 50)

  • Samurai Frame (tier 50)

  • Spectre – Ninja (tier 50)

The Renetti pistol will be available in May as a seasonal challenge reward.