Thu, 15 Apr 2021

CODM: Activision announces CODM World Championship 2021

CODM: Activision announces CODM World Championship 2021

Video game publisher Activision has partnered with Sony to announce the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2021. The tournament boasts a massive prize pool of $2 million that will be distributed among the Regional Playoffs participants and the World Championship Finalists.

The CODM World Championship 2021 will commence on June 3, 2021, and feature different stages like solo play, team play, regional qualifiers, regional playoffs, and the finals.

CODM World Championship 2021 format

Stage 1- Solo Play

Players will compete in Ranked mode in the Solo Play stage. They have to gain a total of 60 points in 10 matches across any of the four weekends. 

Stage 2- Team Play

Qualified players will form a team to compete in this stage. Teams will be required to complete 30 Ranked matches and earn points. The top 256 teams from this stage will advance to stage 3.

Stage 3- Regional Qualifiers

The Regional Qualifiers will be hosted on GameBattles and will include an elimination-style bracket format. The Top performing teams will qualify for the fourth stage.

Stage 4- Regional Playoffs

The top teams from the Regional Qualifiers will compete against each other in this stage which will also be held in an elimination-style bracketed format. The winners of each of the Regional Play-Offs will qualify for the World Championship finals.

Stage 5- COD Mobile World Championship Finals

Qualified teams from around the world will face off against each other in the World Championship Finals.

iPads and Tablets are allowed

Tablets and iPads will be allowed for the first three stages but for stages 4 and 5, players will have to use the Sony Xperia 1 III smartphone. The phone features a 4K HDR OLED 120Hz refresh rate display for exceptional gaming experience.