Tue, 8 Jun 2021

Can music improve your gaming performance?


Over the years, music has evolved and it has now become an important part of everyone’s life. From nursery rhymes to old classic songs there’s a huge fanbase for different kind of songs. But our concern is whether music can improve your gaming performance or not. 

Music has always been entertaining, relaxing in many ways, and researchers have studied the effects of music as well. But we are going to take a gaming approach to it. I’ll tell you about how music is going to change your game style and efficiency.

Firstly, listening to different kinds of music helps you in varied ways. The speed of the song, the type of the song, and related factors affect every individual differently. It is all highly connected and we would be remiss to acknowledge that fast music helps us write assignments quicker than usual. It was never a coincidence, but scientific and psychologically proven that faster music encourages your body to work quickly and efficiently. 

It builds up energy in a person’s body and it remains in them depending on their liking of that particular song. Hence, we can say that listening to faster music will always enhance your body in a certain way and will make you perform better depending upon your approach towards said music.

Talking about soothing songs, they help us relax and always positively change our mood. It has many benefits for everyone. Not everyone likes every musical genre, but soothing songs are sure to be found in everyone’s playlist. Many musicians have made incredible songs that relax you, putting you in a meditative trance. It is scientifically proven that songs can reduce depression and anxiety.

In 2015, researchers at Shanghai University found that relaxing music helped reduce fatigue and maintain muscle endurance when people were engaged in a repetitive task. That is why gamers are suggested to listen to songs for at least a few minutes a day, especially before jumping into any online or professional game. It’ll reduce stress and recharge your energy so that you are able to give your best.

All the advice made here also depends upon your approach to that particular song. The result may vary from person to person for the same song. So, the ultimate suggestion can be “at least listen to your favourite songs for few minutes in a day.”

Darsh Joshi
Mental Physique Coach, Resilience Esports