Wed, 19 May 2021

Battlegrounds Mobile India: New Trailer Launch with Dynamo and Trinity 

battlegrounds mobile india

As announced by Krafton the developers behind Battlegrounds Mobile India, the pre-registration process is started and along with that Krafton brings out another trailer for Battlegrounds Mobile India featuring "Dynamo" managed by "Trinity Gaming."

Adii "Dynamo" Sawant is a popular content creator and YouTuber with 9.3million subscribers and 2 million Instagram followers. He is known for his popular slang amongst India "Patt Se Headshot" he is known as "World's biggest PUBG mobile player" as he gained a lot of success through PUBG. He is one of the best in a roster of 200+ talents which are managed by Trinity Gaming.

"The formation of a strong foundation of the Indian gaming industry has begun. After waiting for so long, the countdown for pre-registrations finally comes to an end and a new countdown for the game launch begins.
Team Trinity is all ready and excited to witness the record-breaking number of pre-registrations, Looking at the love and support of Indian gamers towards the game." - Trinity Gaming, 
Co-Founder & CEO Mr Abhishek Aggarwal.

"Finally the day for the launch of the most awaited game Battlegrounds Mobile India is near. We are really excited as pre-registration for the game has started.
 New challenges, new content, new gamers, and new hope for the Indian gaming industry is awaiting. We will provide our audience with the best gaming experience with the upcoming game. We are all set for the amazing journey ahead. Waiting for budding creators to step in the world of gaming with Battlegrounds Mobile India." - Adii Sawant aka Dynamo Gaming

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