Wed, 19 May 2021

Battlegrounds Mobile India: iOS version not far behind according to reports

Battlegrounds Mobile India: iOS version not far behind according to reports

Yesterday, pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) on Android went live on the Google Play Store. Since the game was announced, fans were wondering if Krafton plans an iOS release. According to the support page on BGMI's official website, on the topic of the iOS version, Krafton has stated that "We will keep our fans informed on further developments. New updates will be released on our official website and social networks, so please stay tuned for further news!"

This means even though the developer has not announced anything officially, an iOS version of Battlegrounds Mobile India may not be far behind. According to a report by IGN India, even though the majority of BGMI's userbase is on Android, the iOS version is "crucial as it tends to bring in paying players."

Battlegrounds Mobile India on iOS

In terms of features, both the Android and iOS versions of BGMI are likely to be similar. As Battlegrounds Mobile India will be available to play only in India, Krafton has added features that are different from PUBG Mobile. The privacy policy is also likely to be the same.

However, players might notice a difference in the gameplay. Also, the download size for BGMI on Android and iOS is likely to be different. Krafton has not revealed the download size of the game yet. For pre-registration, Android users are required to have a device with version 5.1.1 or above and at least 2GB RAM.

According to Krafton, Battlegrounds Mobile India will have its own esports ecosystem. Recently, Abhijeet Andhare aka Ghatak stated in a video that players will be able to retain their old PUBGM accounts in Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

Currently, BGMI has generated a massive wave of hype within the Indian gaming community as their favourite battle royale is set to make a comeback. 

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