Mon, 3 May 2021

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Here's how it will be different from the main game

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Here's how it will be different from the main game

It's almost 8 months since the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile and a lot has happened since then. Most importantly, following the ban, Krafton announced the launch of PUBG Mobile India which will be more suited for the Indian audience. 

According to recent hints that have surfaced, PUBG Mobile India is going to be called 'Battlegrounds Mobile India'. It will carry the same battle royale element but it is dubbed to different from the main game.

PUBG Mobile vs Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds India will have green bloodstains instead of red. Furthermore, the characters in the game will be fully dressed from the start of the match and PUBG Studio, who is developing the game, has also made changes to the game's UI and background. To ensure healthy gaming habits, PUBG Studio is also adding a time-limit feature for the underage player base. 

There isn't a definite release date for Battlegrounds Mobile India but according to recent teases, the game is 'coming soon', likely in the next two months. Only after its release will we get the full picture of how the game is going to be and if fans appreciate all the new features.

Another mobile battle royale is on the way 

If Battlegrounds Mobile India doesn't perform well for some reason, players have another mobile battle royale took look forward to. EA announced Apex Legends Mobile on April 21 and beta testing for Apex Legends Mobile went live on April 28 and it is also expected to release soon.