Mon, 3 May 2021

Battlefield 6 images from reveal trailer leaked online

Battlefield 6 images from reveal trailer leaked online

Two screenshots have surfaced online which are said to be from the reveal trailer of EA's upcoming Battlefield game. Tom Henderson a prominent Battlefield 6 reporter sent out a tweet confirming the legitimacy of the two images. He adds “The screengrabs were likely captured via zoom or something like that, which explains the low quality.”

You can check out the two images here- Image 1 / Image 2. EA revealed they are working on two Battlefield titles, one of which is a mobile game. The PC version, which may be called Battlefield 6 is set to release this year and the mobile version will be launched in 2022. EA is expected to roll out the release trailer for Battlefield 6 soon.

A futuristic setting

The images showcase a rocket launch while the other shows a tropical island. They feature a futuristic setting and the game is likely to have highly advanced weapons, vehicles, and more. According to Tom, the game is a direct sequel of Battlefield 4. The game’s campaign mode is based around the USA and Russia who are recruiting specialists to enlist in the ongoing war between them. The upcoming Battlefield game is also likely to have a battle royale element.

Players are finally getting a new Battlefield game after Battlefield 5 (2018). According to EA, Battlefield 6 will take full advantage of Sony and Microsoft's next-gen console hardware. The game is also likely to release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. 

Fans can expect a reveal trailer of the upcoming Battlefield game this month.