Mon, 2 Nov 2020

Apex Legends Season 7 trailer: new abilities and upcoming map revealed

Apex Legends Season 7 trailer: new abilities and upcoming map revealed

One of the most famous battle royales out there on PC, PS4, and Xbox One is Apex Legends. Respawn entertainment have done a great job with this game and continue to give us loads of new content updates.

Now, the gameplay trailer of Season 7: Ascension has dropped and it reveals key information not only about the game's upcoming legend- Horizon but also of the map, which is something that all players are looking forward to.

Horizon's loadout is just perfect for the upcoming Olympus map

Apex Legends Season 7 trailer: new abilities and upcoming map revealed

As per the gameplay video, Horizon has a slew of unseen tech. Her abilities include loads of physics-based traps and disorientation techniques which will throw your enemies in a spin, leaving them completely dazed and confused.

Her passive ability is called Spacewalk. This allows her to gain more aerial control of herself, meaning that she may be more effective than other legends on the Olympus map. This ability should also cut down on fall impact and weapon sway while in the air.

Moving on to her tactical ability, she has control of Gravity Lift, which is a triangle-shaped thingamajig, which allows her to propel herself, teammates and enemies high up in the air.

Her ultimate ability is called Black Hole and it does exactly what it sounds like- sucks players into a point and deals damage upon them. We don't know how this will work in the game, but it will certainly have a lasting effect on the Apex Games as we know them.

Olympus Map

After a long time, Apex Legends players are getting a new map. This map is none other than Olympus, the home planet of Lifeline, Octane and the upcoming legend, Horizon.

Key features of the map include vast open spaces built for combat opportunities which were earlier not present. There is also some amount of verticality, but not to the extent found in World's Edge.

The map also features research labs, lush green residential areas, a phase rift transportation system, and high-rise buildings among other things.

A new vehicle makes it way to the Apex Games

Apex Legends Season 7 trailer: new abilities and upcoming map revealed

Apex Legends is a battle royale which is often rather fast-paced and vehicles have almost no place in the game. With Olympus, which is said to be the biggest map yet, vehicles are being introduced to the game. The vehicle is the Trident, which is a three-seater hovercraft kind of vehicles.

The interesting thing about this vehicle is that it will integrate Legend abilities, meaning, if you have a Gibraltar shield upon the vehicle, it will move with the Trident. Same goes for Rampart's ultimate ability, which can be mounted on the vehicle.

A refreshed battle pass for Season 7: Ascension

In the Season 7 trailer, the new Battle Pass rewards were shown off. There are a slew of new character skins for Wraith, Lifeline, Revenant and a slew of weapon skins to pick from. The Battle Pass will be further detailed once the Season 7 is finally out on November 04, 2020.