Wed, 28 Apr 2021

Apex Legends Legacy update will introduce players to a new legend 

Apex Legends Legacy update will introduce players to a new legend

Apex Legends upcoming Season 9 Legacy update is releasing on May 4 and it's bringing exciting new content to the game. Apart from the new 3v3 game mode and the new weapon, developer Respawn Entertainment is adding a new playable legend in the game called Valkyrie.

Born to a titan pilot, Kairi Imahara aka Valkyrie is the upcoming recon character coming to Apex Legends. She uses her jets to soar high up in the sky and they are also helpful in making quick getaways from duels. Valkyrie's character is voiced by Erika Ishii who is also the voice behind Ana Bray in Destiny 2.

Valkyrie’s abilities 

  • VTOL Jets (passive) - Jump while in the air to engage a jetpack. Players can switch between hold and toggle mode from the options menu.

  • Missile Swarm (tactical) - Fire a swarm of mini-rockets to deal massive amounts of damage to the enemy.

  • Skyward Dive (ultimate) - Press once to prepare for launch. Teammates can interact with Valkyrie to join the launch. Press again to launch into the air and skydive.

The developers are also adding a new weapon to the game. The powerful Bocek Bow is coming to Apex Legends on May 4. Bocek Bow is ideal for medium-ranged fights. 

Apex Legends Legacy update new game mode

Apart from a new legend and a new weapon, Apex Legends is also getting a new game mode. Arena is a 3v3 game mode that is different from the battle royale style gameplay players are used to. 

Apex Legends Mobile

Last week, publisher EA announced Apex Legends Mobile. Regional beta tests for the game are beginning later this month in India and the Philippines. Apex Legends mobile is expected to release in the third quarter of 2021.