Tue, 27 Apr 2021

A new 3v3 game mode to be added in Apex Legends with the upcoming Legacy update

A new 3v3 game mode to be added in Apex Legends with the upcoming Legacy update

A massive update is on the way for the popular online battle royale game Apex Legends. The Apex Legends Legacy update is scheduled to go live on May 4 and it's bringing tons of new content to the game.

Among all the new additions, one that stands out is the new game mode, which is a 3v3 Team Deathmatch. With this update, developer Respawn Entertainment is adding a new permanent game mode in Apex Legends call Arenas.

Arenas- A 3v3 combat game mode

Instead of sticking to Apex Legend's traditional battle royale gameplay, the developer has diverted to a more swift, round-based combat. Arenas will pit squads of 3 into high-octane 3v3 action. To win, squads have to win at least 3 rounds and stay ahead by the enemy team by two rounds. Simply put, go 3-0 or 3-1 to win.  If your opponent manages to win 2 rounds and the score becomes 3-2, the match will continue till either team pulls ahead by 2 points. Meaning, 4-2 or 3-5. New round beings when all 3 members of a squad are eliminated. Players can only revive their knocked-out teammates and not those who have been eliminated. 

Play Arenas on custom-built maps

Players can dive into Arenas mode on a variety of maps. Along with existing BR maps, the developer is adding several custom-built maps into the mix as well. Two of these custom-built maps are coming on launch and more will be added in the future.

Party Crasher

A luxurious downtown plaza with plenty of opportunities to outplay your opponent. Players can get on elevated positions to gain an upper hand.

Phase Runner

With Phase Runner, the action takes place on a mountain peak. Players can directly jump in and take long-ranged fights or get closer for head-on duels.

Additionally, portions from the BR maps will be available in a bi-weekly rotation. There's Artillery from Kings Canyon, Thermal Station from Worldโ€™s Edge, and Golden Gardens from Olympus. In total, that gives 5 maps for Arenas. You can read more about Arenas here