Thu, 10 Jun 2021

A new study reveals PC is the preferred choice for gaming among Indian gamers

HP study

Gamers in India prefer multiple platforms for gaming like PCs, mobiles, and consoles and there has been a dispute about which is the most preferred one. Mobiles may be the most popular choice for gaming but according to a new study by HP, PC was the most preferred platform for gamers in India.

According to the HP India Gaming Landscape Report 2021, 89% of respondents believe that a PC offers a better gaming experience and 4 in 10 (37%) mobile gamers indicated that they would migrate to a PC for gaming, for a much better experience. Respondents highlighted better processing speeds, larger visual display, better sound effects, more storage, more battery, and better cooling as top reasons for preferring PC over mobile phones for gaming.

Ketan Patel, Managing Director – HP India Market said, “With people spending more time at home, gaming has seen a dramatic rise, as consumers look to find new avenues for entertainment, stress release, and social connections. In this scenario, the PC has emerged as the preferred device that provides the most comprehensive gaming experience. The shift from mobiles to PCs by gamers clearly represents a massive business opportunity for HP. Gaming is among the fastest-growing segments in our PC portfolio and we expect to continue this momentum and consolidate our position as the leading PC gaming brand in India.”  

Gaming has picked up pace in the country, especially since the pandemic. Gaming has provided people with entertainment and relief from the impacts of COVID-19.

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