Thu, 15 Apr 2021

1.62 million users banned in PUBG Mobile's latest Ban PanΒ 

1.62 million users banned in PUBG Mobile's latest Ban Pan

In their latest Ban Pan, Tencent has permanently banned 1,620,242 PUBG Mobile users from April 2 - April 8 for malicious activities. The majority of these users were banned for using Auto-Aim hacks and X-ray vision.

Online games are plagued with hackers and PUBG Mobile is no exception. PC shooters like CS:GO, Valorant, and Rainbow Six Siege is also full of hackers who gain an unfair advantage using hacks.

PUBG Mobile's latest Ban Pan details

Tencent reported that from the 1.6 million, 42$ were banned for using Auto-Aim hacks and X-ray vision. 17% were using speed hacks, 13% were caught modifying their area damage and character models, and the remaining 28% were banned for other reasons.

In terms of rank distributions, 40% of accounts were Bronze, 11% were Silver, 8% were Gold, 10% were Platinum, 12% were Diamond, 11% were Crown, 7% were Ace, and 1% were of the Conquerer rank. 

Players report cheaters in PUBG Mobile and these are then evaluated by the developer. Tencent banning 1.6 million accounts between April 2 and April 8 is no small feat. The developer is doing its best to keep the gameplay environment clean and fair for everyone to play.

PUBG Mobile in India

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile is still banned in India. There are rumors of the game's relaunch but none of them provide any concrete evidence. A representative from Krafron said that the company still cares about the Indian market and is trying to get PUBG Mobile unbanned in the country.