Tue, 4 May 2021

Watch Dogs: Legion update 4.0 goes live today: new characters, co-op missions and more

watch dogs: legion

Ubisoft is all set to release the first major update for their action-adventure game Watch Dogs: Legion. Update 4.0 is scheduled to go live today, May 4, at 8.30 AM ET, 12.30 PM UTC, 6 PM IST on all available platforms of the game.

Update 4.0 will introduce players to three new characters. Additionally, season pass owners will gain access to a new DeadSec mission called Swipe Right. For online mode, the developer is adding new co-op missions, assignments, and co-op gadgets.

Watch Dogs: Legion new playable characters

Update 4.0 will bring new playable characters in Watch Dogs: Legion. First is Mina Sidhu who will be available through the season pass. Player's can use Mina's power of mind control to overcome challenges. Player's can use Mina in both single-player and multiplayer modes. 

If you don't have a season pass, fret not. Ubisoft is adding two more playable characters- a DJ and a First Responder to single-player and online modes of Watch Dogs: Legion. First Responders can deploy an AR shield to protect themselves or other players and DJs can buff teammates and disrupt enemies using soundwaves. 

New online missions, co-op gadgets, and customization

Watch Dogs: Legion online will get 3 new co-op missions with different objectives that can be completed with three other players. Additionally, 5 new assignments will also be available. Players will have access to two new co-op gadgets.

Finally, new customization options will be available in Watch Dogs: Legion with update 4.0. It will allow players to change character hairstyle and hair color.