Tue, 8 Jun 2021

Indian Games Expo: IGX Creators Summit is coming July 2021 with exciting insights into the world of game creation


Gaming doesn’t mean mindlessly shooting at things or just following the narrative, the creators didn’t aim for that. From making refreshing art and unique design to adding soundtracks, there’s a lot that goes into making games. To enlighten the masses about the same, Laqshya Event Capital have organized the Indian Games Expo – IGX Creators Summit on July 29-30, 2021.

IGX Creators Summit gives a platform to the game creation process


IGX Creators Summit is a unique initiative that focuses on creative processes that go into creating games and gaming content. The Summit will feature some of India’s most talented game developers, studios creating world-class games, as well as some of India’s most influential content creators who will share their valuable insights. 

Maybe you are not a professional esports athlete, maybe you are good at drawing, and maybe you have a knack for storytelling and want to develop a game around your narrative, you can learn more about tuning into this summit. This Summit presents a wonderful opportunity for anyone who is trying to step into the gaming industry and wants to have their doubts cleared.

The summit will cover a variety of topics like game design, art and music, quality education in gaming, as well as the world of content creation around games.