Wed, 2 Jun 2021

 A Cold or Hot water bath: Which is better for gamers and streamers?


In recent days, the gaming industry has grown with impressive fervour. Due to that, there are now many esports players and growing content creators. In addition to that, a majority of the gamers are from the age group of 13-24 years. At this age, they might be guided to sit straight and rest the eyes, but we also have to consider what water temperature is better for a particular gamer to bathe with.

A gamer might be ignoring and choosing any kind of water he/she could get for a shower but, my research states that there is a specific water type you should use as per your profession. This sounds weird, right? Science and Human psychology can prove it.

When an individual takes a cold-water shower, the person gets an instant energy boost and stamina for a shorter period. This enhances the performance of that person’s body in many ways. A cold-water bath also helps people work with more efficiency. If you’re having less sleep before any match, I would strongly recommend taking a quick cold-water shower which will surely enhance your physical performance and hence your game performance will increase as well. As cold water gets us instant energy, this is mainly recommended for esports players who have to give a performance at their best.

Talking about hot-water baths on the other hand, they basically release calm out of a particular’s body. It also gives us more flexibility in many ways and thus a person can be calm and chilled both at the same time. Hot water gives us late but better results so after having a hot water bath, you can stay fresh for a longer time. Hot-water is recommended for someone who is going to play a game and he/she is going to be active for a longer time. Thus, streamers are highly advised to have a hot water bath before streaming. This will make you calm as well more efficient for a longer time period.

This is based on the research work of Mr. Darsh Hiteshkumar Joshi. He is a human behaviour psychology expert and Mental Physique Coach for Resilience Esports. This article includes observations with idle conditions. Do not change your bath pattern for a longer time period without consulting your doctor.

-Darsh Joshi

Mental Physique Coach, Resilience Esports