Tue, 27 Oct 2020PC Gaming

Dota 2 will be getting an 'overwatch-style system' to crack down on smurfing and toxicity

Last Week, Dota 2 has received a hefty batch of updates that cover numerous aspects of the game from Guilds to Dota Plus Subscription. In the notes, Valve have also mentioned a new feature in development for the game.

The developer has said that they are working on a new Overwatch style system for Dota 2, similar to the one in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, which will be implemented in order to nab players exercising smurfing, account boosting, and toxicity.

The Dota 2 community has been demanding a system like this for a long time now due to the high amounts of toxicity and smurfing it's players have been experiencing while playing the game. It looks like Lord Gabben has finally answered the prayers.

“In terms of toxicity and game ruining behaviors from players, we are working on a new Overwatch-style system, similar in some ways to that of CS:GO,” Valve reveals in the dev post. “We aren’t ready to share more information about this yet, but we will as soon as we are able,” the studio adds. However, it seems it might not be too far away from implementation into Dota 2, given the dev adds: “We are hoping to get this in the game as soon as possible”.

It's far from clear exactly how this system will function but the fact that it will be similar to the overwatch system of CS:GO could offer a few speculations.

CS:GO's Overwatch system let's experienced players- that is, members with at least 150 competitive wins in the game, regulate the community through an “in-game replay review system' where they can check out eight games or approximately ten minutes’ worth of gameplay footage to help resolve reports relating to player behaviour. The “investigators”, as they’re referred to in the other Valve title’s community, can collectively evaluate the validity of reports and apply temporary bans if needed.

It's not clear to what extent Dota 2's upcoming overwatch system will resemble the one in CS:GO.

As for when the new system will be revealed, Valve has said it will be here soon and it looks like we have to keep an eye out for more information.