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Free Fire Titan Invitational battle royale mode runner ups- Marcos Gaming

They already have one of the best Clash of Clans teams in India, and a PUBG Mobile roster that has tons of competitive experience. Their Clash of Clans team won the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup and their PUBG Mobile Roster have secured 1st position at the Villager Pro Invitational, OR Championship, and ILG CUP S-3. Recently, they announced their Free Fire roster.

Marcos Gaming collaborated with team Old Skool to form their Free Fire roster. As one of the oldest teams of Free Fire in India, the players are highly experienced, skilled and understand the game through and through.

The team

Aayush "MG-AAYUSH" Patel- IGL/Assaulter.

Simarneet "MG-SIMAR" Gujral- Rusher.

Amit "MG-KINGAMIT" Aswal- Support/Rusher.

Alexis "MG-ALEX" Arthur- Sniper/Support.

Tapabrata "MG-CR7" Mondal- Assaulter/Rusher.


In their first Free Fire tournament, Marcos Gaming secured 67 points and were placed second in the Titan Invitational. They were beaten by team 4 Unknown who won with a total of 74 points.

Free Fire Titan Invitational

2nd Place

As team Old Skool, these players participated and showcased their skill in several tournaments including FFIC 2020 FAll.

Battle arena

3rd Place

Free Fire India Championship 2020 Fall

8th Place

Booyah Invitational

2nd runner-up

The road ahead

After taking the second place in the Free Fire Titan Invitational, the team now looks forward to playing in the Free Fire India Championship 2021.